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The Arts

The Alberta School of Performing Arts

The Alberta School of Performing Arts (TASPA) is one of the district's three specialty schools. TASPA students may focus in Dance, Theatre, Vocal & Instrument Music and Visual Art. TASPA gives rising stars their opportunity to shine. With ample opportunities to create and explore the arts, students are able to engage and grow in their experiences.

Born out of the desire to expand the educational opportunities for students in Tuscaloosa, TASPA follows a non-traditional school model that utilizes the performing arts to explain and explore the world.

Teachers work across all subjects through an interdisciplinary model to guide students, with an emphasis on interpretation and critical thinking through artistic expression. Elementary students follow the TCS core curriculum for their respective grade, in addition to exploratory instruction in the performing arts.

Middle school students experience a deep immersion in their fine arts specialties while working toward mastery of the rigorous core curriculum. They will also participate in ample performance and showcase opportunities throughout the school year.