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Why the Arts

Exposure, Focus, Immersion 

The Alberta School of Performing Arts (TASPA) is part of the Tuscaloosa City Schools (TCS) and offers K-8 students a curriculum placing the visual and performing arts at the center of student learning. The school embraces a trans-disciplinary model of education with a focus on developing creativity and critical thinking skills. At The Alberta School of Performing Arts, the arts serve as tools in constructing the academic, artistic, and social growth of students. 

In addition to meeting the standards of the TCS curriculum, TASPA students in the primary grades K-3 receive regular exposure to a variety of art forms including dance, theatre, visual art forms including dance, theatre, visual art and music. Students attending TASPA in the intermediate grades, 4 and 5 begin to focus on a particular art form as they expand their creative abilities. Middle school students in grades 6-8 experience a deep immersion in their fine arts specialties in addition to a rigorous, arts-infused core curriculum.